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Ishizu’s Gift Part 7

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Tea ran as fast as her body was allowing. Exhaustion was gripping her tight along with the short sobs that were gripping her body. She recalled upon the boat on how gentle he was as he tried to make her smile, forget what was going to happen when everyone arrived at the shrine. While the tears burned within her eyes, fear shook her to the core. Never once did she believe he could harm her. Never once did she believe that he could try to do something so dark.

Tea followed the edge of the river. She wanted to make her way back to the village and try once more returning back to Cairo. However, exhaustion and the heat of the sun was weighing hard upon her. She noticed in the distance a rundown building with torn linen flying in the windows. Glancing over her shoulder, she disappeared inside to rest for a bit upon the scattered white sheets before continuing on.

Atem continued to chase after the young brunette. So many thoughts were running through his mind. His darkness almost took over. He remembered quite some time ago how it was always there, threating to take him into places he didn’t want to go. The young woman brought light to him. She made him see the beauty of the world. She pulled him back when he thought at one time that he was a dark king.

Atem clenched his hands into tight fists as he stopped. Anger was building within his eyes, but it wasn’t anger towards the young woman. It was anger towards him. He knew he wanted the young woman to understand his feelings and help through the painful time, but he never wanted to force anything. He didn’t want to take away her choices, her freedom, her innocence.

The pharaoh walked slowly towards the abandon building before entering into the welcoming shade. He knelt down upon one knee and traced his hand along the side of the sleeping woman’s face. Moving to sit against the frame of the door with one knee bent and the other straight, he stared out at the horizon watching as the sun continued its path to the western horizon.


It had to be hours later when Tea woke. The sun was starting to drift down behind the mountains. The chirping sound of the evening creatures could be heard. At first, the young brunette was unsure why she was in an abandon building, but everything came back in a rush. Today was supposed to be the day of the Ceremonial Duel. Instead, Atem was chasing after her, trying to make her return. Tears began to pool with the cerulean eyes of the young woman as the pain clenched her heart as the feelings she felt for the pharaoh began to return ten folds.

Tea pulled her knees to her chest. She now recalled why she was so far away from her friends, from him. She couldn’t stay around. The pain within her chest, it was just too much. She would break upon seeing him leave. Before they even docked, Tea made the choice to leave, to make her way back to Cairo. Tea was unsure how far she was from the town, and even at night, it wasn’t wise to travel. However, staying here wasn’t actually the wisest idea either. She needed some place safe for the night.

Tea rolled to stand but gasped sharply falling backwards onto the ground. The once nameless pharaoh sat against the doorframe. His head was leaning back with his eyes closed. She wasn’t sure if he was sleeping or not, but just that thought that he was still here made her heart clench once more. She recalled what he tried to do earlier, the pain that he was going to commit.

Tea began to slowly crawl towards the doorway. She was going to try and walk over him quietly before making a run for the nearest village. She slowly stood and reached one of her legs over the sleeping pharaoh. With a sigh, she let that footrest upon the ground.

The young woman was about to reach her other foot across when arms circled her waist, pulling her straight down. Tea gasped as her eyes went straight to the pharaoh’s. “I didn’t chase you this far only to lose you once more,” he stated calmly.

Tea rolled against his grip falling back inside the rundown building. Atem moved to lean upon one knee within the doorway, preventing the young woman’s attempt to flee.

“I don’t understand. You should be at the duel. Why won’t you just leave me alone?” asked Tea as she curled her knees to her chest.

“Tea, this isn’t you. You are strong, brave. You always know how to make your friends smile or at least see the light in the darkest of places. How could I abandon you when you are feeling so much pain?”

“You don’t get it,” shouted Tea. She gripped her legs tightly against her chest as tears began to roll down her smooth cheeks.

Atem moved to sit upon his knees as he rested both hands upon his legs. “Then make me. Explain to me why you feel this way.”

Tea sighed. “Did you notice at the beginning before we even knew who you were how many times I put myself into danger?” Atem nodded but stayed silent. “Did you notice how I always wanted to be there to help you stop all the darkness or how I became so scared for you especially when things became dangerous?” Again, Atem nodded. “If you knew, then you must not be blind by what I am saying, what I am feeling.”

“I understand all those feelings. I had them when I reigned as pharaoh in Egypt.”

Tea swallowed hard as she stared out the small window. “If you understand, then you will understand that the thought of you leaving is destroying me. I rather not see it happen or even have to say goodbye. I will support Yugi and everyone else, but this is one decision I am making for myself. I can’t tell you goodbye.”

Atem moved to kneel upon one leg and reached out a hand to the young woman. “Tea, Ishizu gave me this gift because of those feelings. I never wanted to hurt you or leave you with this much pain. If anything, I wanted to be with you forever.”

Tea glanced at his outreached hand before turning quickly away. “I can’t allow it to be a night of weakness, not with how I will feel afterwards.”

“Then don’t take it as one of weakness, but one full of promise.”

Atem stood slowly as he peered down at the young dancer. He had that smirk upon his face when a duel monster tournament was about to happen or after he had won one. Tea knew she shouldn’t be falling into this twisted trap. She should make a run for it, escape from him before everything destroys her. However, the look in his crimson eyes as he stared down at her made her realizing that running was pointless. What she really wanted was right here standing in front of her.

Tea pushed from the ground to stand. She slowly took a step towards the man, raising her hand to trace down the side of his face. Atem only smiled before wrapping his arms around the young woman, pulling her close to be flushed against him. His mouth dropped to hers, sealing her in a heated kiss. Their mouths molded to each other as he nibbled against her bottom lip, pulling out a soft moan from her. It only took that one kiss for Tea to lose her mind, to allow all fear of losing him disappear from her rampage thoughts. She wanted to be with him. She wanted to feel what he was able to give her as she returned the same.

Dropping slowly to their knees, Atem didn’t break away from the kiss as he shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it behind them, rolling it out with his knees. The feelings he felt only when he reigned as pharaoh came back intensely all because of this young woman in his arms. He pulled her flush against him before breaking away to trail soft nips and kisses down her jaw to her neck, stopping to suck at her strong pulse.

Tea rolled her head to the side as a silent gasp escaped her lips. She recalled the multiple times he was there to save his friends, to fight away each darkness that took a chance at them. He was willing to do anything for them, but more it of it, he was willing to do anything for her. She dragged her hands down his back and over his shoulders, kneading the muscles of both his arms and his back. She felt as he wrapped his arms once more around her slender body before lowering it slowly to the blue leather jacket below them.

His mouth returned to hers as his hands traced against her bare arms with soft circles before trailing towards the hem of her white shirt. She opened with a soft gasp allowing their tongues to mingle as his hand disappeared beneath the material and towards her bra. The emotions that she was feeling made her skin warm to the touch. She didn’t want to forget the feeling as his tongue danced with hers, as his hands pushed her bra up and began to message the mounds of flesh. It was a desire so strong that she was afraid to let it go.

Their emotions burned like the sands of Egypt. Each touch took them further, made them gasp each other’s names as lips traced upon skin. His kiss was removing every thought from her. It ran like the water from a rainstorm. He nibbled against her bottom lip while tracing his tongue against her teeth. He broke the kiss to nibble her top lip and then return to the bottom one. She relaxed allowing her lips to part and his tongue to dive in once more. His taste broke all barriers, removing all the pain that broke her.

Tea watched as he leaned back upon his knees. She watched as he grabbed the hem of the black shirt and pulled it over his head. Tea pushed from the ground to drag her hands down his chest, over each taunt muscle. She looked up through her lashes into his eyes that held a blazing desire before leaning forward to trace small kisses upon his chest. Her feelings for the pharaoh burned within her that she felt as if the world was melting away. While the pain of knowing he would be gone soon pounded against her heart, she was willing to take everything that he offered and return just the same even if it was just for this night.

Atem dragged his hands to cup her face, sealing her lips into a quick kiss. His hands dropped to the hem of her shirt, rolling his fingers against the flesh beneath it. Tea moan lightly against the kiss as he dragged the material over her head. Tea used that time to break the snaps apart allowing her bra to fall forward. Atem wrapped his arms around the dancer’s petite form, pulling her towards him as his lips traced against her neck, a light moan escaping her lips once more.

While the timing wasn’t right and everything seemed to be a mess, Atem knew how much this young woman meant to him. The gift he received, it was something he wanted to share, wanted her to know. His mouth trailed down her neck, across her breasts as he teased each one within his mouth and hand. He used his long fingers to circle around the skin of her stomach watching as her eyes clenched close and soft gasps would escape her lips. He would give up everything, even his title as pharaoh, to have this time with this woman.

Tea closed her eyes and rolled her shoulders upon the jacket as his mouth continued to trail down her stomach. He slowly dragged his hands down her legs and back up leaving a heated trail. Pushing her skirt forward, his lips began teasing her inner thighs as his fingers found the small zipper. She heard as the zipper was pulled down before his hands began to leave a burning ache as he slowly pulled the material down. While time wasn’t their friend, she was taking each feeling and burning it into her mind. She never wanted to forget how he made her feel.

His touch brought flame to her skin as something tight began to build. Her emotions were so strong that she felt like she was floating in the sky. His fingers glided against her skin as the last remaining piece of clothing was pulled away. His fingers rubbed against her as his warm kisses continued. She opened her mouth to beg with him, but the words were lost as his finger slid into her, setting off a chain-reaction, wrenching a cry from the depths of her soul. The world combusted in his touch, the universe exploded in a wash of color and light, of shadows with no real form as he soothed her. She felt like she was melting, dissolving away only to be reborn once more.

As soon as her mind became grounded, Tea watched as the young pharaoh leaned back upon his knees and undid the belt pulling it through the loops and tossing it behind him. She watched as he undid the button to his jeans along with the zipper before leaning forward and dragging wet kisses along her stomach, across her breasts, only to seal her lips in another heated kiss. His hands were tracing against her skin as he moved to lean upon his arms and knees once more. She felt as he moved, pushing the clothing down and away where only skin upon skin was left.

The look within Atem’s eyes as he cupped the young dancer’s face brought tears to her cerulean eyes. It didn’t matter that time wasn’t with them. It didn’t matter that tomorrow is unknown. What matter was what was happening now. His love was so strong for her that he would go to the ends of the Earth. Tea wrapped her hands around his neck and brought her mouth to his as she felt him move.

Positioning himself, he pressed into her as she let her head fall back again. The shock of pure sensation was intoxicating, overwhelming. He bit his lip as he struggled to contain himself. She quivered around him, her body convulsing as she whimpered softly.

Each moment was agony as he felt her constrict around him. He stopped when he felt resistance, breaking away from the kiss to stare into her cobalt eyes. “You’ve never….” She shook her head, tears beginning to pool within her eyes. “I can’t… I can’t… stop.” Tea dug her nails into the pharaoh’s shoulders as he pushed through the barrier. She cried out in pain as he moved to kiss each tear away, stopping to press his lips against her own. “Relax,” he whispered softly against her lips as he traced upon them.

Slowly he began moving inside her, gently soothing her as he held her close to his heart. Her ragged breathing, her soft shudders were whispers upon the night. She took what he offered, gave back what she could as she opened her eyes, as she gazed at him through the heavy fringe of her lashes. Everything necessary strong within her as she became everything that he wanted, everything that he loved. The sun rose in her smile, the moon shone in her eyes.

With each movement, he brought her closer to his heart, to the feelings he wanted her to understand. The future doesn’t have any answers. Only the present time can allow emotions to do be explored. With a grunt, Atem rolled his hips pulling long moan from the woman below him. He trailed his mouth along her jaw, over her neck before lavishing her breasts. Each feeling he felt, they were feelings that he once held within his heart. Now that he was with this young dancer, those feelings were nothing compared to what he was feeling now.

Tea arched against each movement that the pharaoh gave her. Her hands gripped his shoulders, her blunt nails digging into the skin. Her mouth opened with multiple moans as his body brought her higher and higher to completion. While knowing that this might be the only time with him, she pushed away those thoughts to enjoy what he was giving. She knew deep down that there was no one else that would have her heart, that she would love unconditionally.

Time wasn’t their friend, always taking when never giving. With a slow linger of his kisses upon her lips, Atem could tell they were close. He could feel it. He kept rocking to each motion, bringing them both to that completion, that fulfillment. Another thrust by him followed by another arch by her. Soon, though, the ending was a blinding light at the end of a black tunnel. Her body rolled with her release and soon he followed with his own, collapsing against her chest breathing deeply.

After a few minutes of calming their breathing, Atem rolled pulling the young woman close to his chest. He reached behind her for his jacket, digging his hand within the pocket. The hourglass was trickling away. From the look of it, when the sun rose, they would only have a few hours to arrive at the shrine. With a smile upon his face, he dropped the hourglass and wrapped his arms tightly around the woman in his arms. Her eyes were already closed as she slept soundly against him, and he soon followed after leaving a chaste kiss upon her forehead.

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