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Ishizu’s Gift Part 6

Tea ran between the small hills watching as each pushed closer to the shores of the river. She kept glancing over her shoulder afraid that the pharaoh would be that much closer. She couldn’t fathom the idea on why he would be chasing after her. The duel was to start this morning with most likely him losing and leaving for the After Life. Just the thought of the pain caused tears to blur her eyes causing her to stumble with her steps. One step was too much, and she fell to the ground, her knees taking the fall while tears fell to the ground disappearing within the sand.

She didn’t hear him as he approached from behind. Her sobs continued to wreck her body as she stayed upon her knees staring at the ground. He slowly approached, his hands clenching into a tight fist. His eyes were burning with a crimson blaze that reflect the anger that he was releasing, the darkness that was starting to control him.

Atem stopped behind her. He reached down, grabbed the young woman, and roughly shoved her against the hard rocks of the hill. Tea only gasped upon the sudden action. She tried to fight him away by kicking and hitting, but he made sure her legs were pinned by his and her arms were tight within his hand. The young dancer could only stare into his demonic eyes as fear took over hers.

Every conflicting emotion took over as the young pharaoh stared at the woman before him. She fought against him, kicked him, and even tried running once more. He understood the pain she was feeling. He wanted to share that pain with her. Now, he just wanted to make sure she understood that escaping him was never going to happen.

Atem used his free hand to trace his long fingers along the side of her face. She shivered against his touch as he rubbed his thumb over her parted lips. Gripping her chin, he roughly kissed her as his hand dropped down between them. Tea tried to return the kiss, but his mouth wasn’t as gentle as he nipped hard against her bottom lip. It didn’t take long for the dancer to realize it was only a distraction as the wind felt cool against her legs where her skirt once laid. She heard as the belt was undone along with the button and zipper before the clothing fell and skin was felt against her own.

Tea twisted her face away, her voice shaking with fear. “Atem, stop. Please. You don’t want to do this. Please, I beg you.”

“Are you protected?” He demanded quickly. Tea tried to push against him. He only pushed harder. “Are you protected?” He asked again this time by grabbing her hair and forcing her to look him in his eyes.

“No,” she whispered, tears streaking down her face as she shook with fear within his tight grip.

Atem took no notice of the fear within her eyes. His hand continued to hold hers within a tight grip as he lowered them behind her back, pushing her body flushed against his. His free hand dropped down between them. He heard as a shaky gasp escaped the young dancer’s lips. His crimson eyes moved to stare into her cerulean ones as he slowly began his move.

Tea gulped and twisted her head away. “Atem, please,” she begged as she felt him slowly begin to enter her. “I haven’t….”

“Haven’t what?” he quickly demanded as he stopped all movement.

The young dancer swallowed hard as she stared at the horizon and the rising sun. “I haven’t been with anyone yet. I’m still a….” She allowed the sentence to drop off as more tears pooled within her eyes and fall like an open waterfall.

Atem’s eyes went wide as he backed away from the young woman, clarification donning his face as he realized what he was about to do. Without him holding her up, her strength gave away allowing her to crumble to the ground. Atem kept back peddling till a rock caught his foot causing him to fall to the ground.

Tea sat upon the ground willing her heart to settle before pushing and running once more around the small hills. “Tea, wait,” called out Atem as he shook his head and quickly stood, fixing his clothing, and resuming the chase.

Tea continued to run. Tears were blinding her sight, but she didn’t want to wait. Atem tried to rape her. Her heart clenched in pain as the young dancer thought of everything that has happened. She could recall when he first saved her, how she learned that he existed because of the puzzle, how he continued to fight for his friends. She could hear his voice as he called out towards her. She wasn’t aware of her surroundings. She turned left and then right before feeling nothing below her. Her scream echoed around the surrounding area as she fell down into the flowing water of the Nile.

Atem didn’t stop. He quickly pushed off from the edge of the cliff and dove into the flowing river. He yelled constantly as he turned in circles, trying desperately to find the young brunette. Finally, just a few swimming strokes away, he could see the young woman trying hard to stay afloat. With as much strength as he could gather, he pushed through the water towards her before wrapping his arm and dragging her to the sanding shore.

Tea rolled and coughed the river water before pushing to her feet. She slowly began marching away from the pharaoh before sprinting once more. Atem rolled his eyes before beginning the chase once again.

Neither knew where they were located until a surprising loud gasp echoed the surrounding area as Tea crashed into Joey knocking him to the floor. Marik along with Ishizu and Kaiba both turned to see the pharaoh running at full speed. They all glanced down towards the young woman as she rolled away from Joey and forced herself to her feet. They watched as she took off running. Atem approached the group and dropped over his knees trying to catch his breath.

“We were worried about you, man?” spoke Joey as he took to his feet and walked over.

Atem ignored the young duelist and went straight for the young Egyptian woman. “I need more time. Tea is struggling. I need to pull her back before something permanent happens.”

Ishizu smiled sadly at the once nameless pharaoh. “I am only able to give you this extra day. If you are not at the shrine before morning, the Ceremonial Duel cannot commence. Once the sands stops flowing, time is gone.”

Atem nodded and turned to take chase once more. “Wait, pharaoh. Maybe we could help you bring Tea back,” called out Joey quickly.

“I am sorry, Joey, but this is something I need to do alone.” With that said, the small group watched as the once nameless pharaoh took off running once more.

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