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Ishizu’s Gift Part 4

Tea ran down the hallways of the ship. The feeling of his lips still lingered upon her own. The feeling of his hands as he traced them over her body. It all sent painful shivers throughout her making her heart clench in pain.

The moon was still high in the sky as Tea came crashing out the last door towards the back of the boat. The water splashed against the side as she heaved with each breath. Her heart couldn’t take it no more. Tomorrow, when the sun rose over the horizon, he would duel and most likely leave her forever. Her body shook with pain. Her skin felt like needles as the wind whipped against her body.

Tea gasped sharply as she looked over her shoulder to the closed door. Gripping the rail, she slowly pulled herself to the other side. No, this wasn’t a chance so she could follow him to the other side. No, this was a chance to free herself from the pain. She wouldn’t wait for the duel to happen. She would escape and leave it all behind.

Gripping the rail tightly, Tea glanced down at the dark water before turning her head back to the door, her hair blowing in her face. The sun would be up soon. They would be arriving at port. She couldn’t stay. No, this is what she had to do. Closing her eyes and swallowing her breath, she took a step forward never hearing as the door crashed open and her name was screamed out into the night.

The water hit her hard. At first, she struggled against the waves. It pulled her down each time she tried to push. Her lungs were burning. She needed to surface soon. Reaching out into the darkness of the water, she swam quickly to the surface and gasped in the needed breath of air.

The boat was only a short distance away. She could see the pharaoh standing against the rail along with her friends. Ishizu tried calling out to her while Joey yelled at Atem for allowing this to happen. Mokuba stood staring out while Kaiba continued to glare at the pharaoh. The young dancer didn’t wait to see what they were planning. She pushed against the water and began swimming away, towards the shore that lead to the small village.

“Yugi, what happen? Why did Tea jump?” demanded Joey as him and everyone else stared out at the water and the young brunette dancer who was swimming away.

Atem gripped the rail tightly as he held his head down, anger slowly coursing through his body. Quickly, he turned towards the Egyptian woman. “I need to know. The gift, how long do I have?” He quickly asked.

Ishizu quickly blinked her eyes as she glanced around the small area. Joey was looking at her with a bizarre look. The pharaoh had determination within his eyes that even surprised her for she could also see anger within them, too. Mokuba looked scared for the young dancer as he stared out at the water. Even Marik was worried about everything that was happening.

“We have a short amount of time before we are cut off, and you will be stuck here for another 3000 years. However, the gift that I granted you extends that time. It is not much, but I can give you a day or two.”

“Yugi,” asked Joey as he walked to stand between the pharaoh and the young Egyptian woman. “What gift is she talking about?”

Atem ignored him and continued staring at the woman. “And the puzzle?” He heatedly demanded.

Ishizu replied with a calm voice. “Leave it with me. The boy will be safe as long as you return before the time runs out.” Ishizu reached into her pocket and pulled out a small hourglass. “When the sand runs out, the doorway to the After Life will be shut even if the Ceremonial Duel should commence.”

“Sister, is that what I think it is?” Ishizu glanced over at her brother and nodded. “Then that means you are Pharaoh Atem completely. Yugi is not with you.”

“What?” questioned Joey. “That doesn’t make any sense. If this is the pharaoh, where is Yugi.”

“Safe,” responded the Egyptian woman. “I granted the pharaoh a physical form temporarily. He will use this time to bring the young woman back safely.”

As Ishizu continued explaining what the hourglass meant, nobody noticed as the once nameless pharaoh returned to his room. He quickly grabbed his jacket and slipped it on before reaching for the puzzle. While the thought of grabbing his deck crossed his mind, he knew that this would be a duel he wouldn’t have to fight. Glancing around the room, he walked out and towards the back part of the boat.

Everyone was waiting as he closed the door behind him. Atem glanced once down at the puzzle before placing it into Ishizu’s hand. Before releasing it, though, he stared into the eyes of the Egyptian woman. She only smiled and nodded as he released his strong grip and walked over to the edge of the boat.

“Bring her back, pharaoh,” yelled Joey.

Atem raised his hand and gave everyone a thumb’s up before jumping off the rail and diving into the water.

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