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Ishizu’s Gift Part 3

The once nameless pharaoh and the young dancer sat in the quiet of the night. The moon shined brightly upon the water. The breeze was cool as it drifted over them. He would squeeze his arms every so often, pulling her closer to his body offering as much body heat and comfort as he could.

Soon, he felt the chill upon her skin and shrugged out of his jacket, draping it around the shoulders of the young woman. “We should retire to our chambers. Your skin is chilled to the bone.” Tea could only nod as she allowed him to help her stand. He kept his arm wrapped around her as he led her back to his room.

Tea stopped, causing Atem to look at her with curiosity. He followed her stare as he watched her raise her hand over her mouth preventing a small a gasp to escape. The Egyptian box and the single pile of Duel Monster cards were laying upon the small table. Tears that were once dry within her sapphire eyes began to build as she quickly turned, the jacket spinning and falling to the ground. She was out the door and soon running down the hallway.

Atem took chase and grabbed her hand. She shook her head, water droplets flying in different directions. He pulled her towards him and then turned sharply, pushing her body against the wall. “Damn it Tea, don’t do this to yourself.”

“I’m acting foolish.” She shook her head, her hair dusting across her shoulder and over her eyes. “Just forget everything. You need to prepare.” She tried pushing him away, but he gripped her hands, placing them above her head.

“Why should I? Everything you said is true, right?” She nodded unable to say a word. He was staring at her with an astonishing look in his eyes. “Well, maybe what I feel is the same.”

Tea gasped and began shaking her head once more, tears pouring from her eyes once more. “No. No. It’s not fair. It’s not fair.” Atem felt as she slacked against his grip and followed her as she slid against the wall, curling into a small ball upon his lap.

Atem heard as a door down the hallway was opened and Joey walked out, sleepiness quite visible in his eyes. “Did something happen to Tea?”

Atem shook her head. “No, Joey. Just a lot of emotions.”

“Emotions, huh? Seems like that is happening a lot right now.” The young duelist stopped and sat down against the wall; knees bent with one arm hanging over. “We learn who you are and now, you have to duel against Yugi to determine if you are ready to leave us or not. It’s not an easy thing for any of us.”

“I know.”

“Heck, I might not understand how that puzzle of yours works, but I am sure even Yugi has the same strong emotions that Tea is holding. It’s not easy for either of them to see this happen.”

Atem traced his hands through the young brunettes’ hair. “Yugi has been a brother to me while this young woman has captured me deeply.”

Joey nodded as he stretched before standing. “Have you told her that?”

“I have,” responded the pharaoh. “But the pain I leave her with, it isn’t fair.”

Joey chuckled lightly. “Maybe not, but believe me, her knowing how you feel will make everything seem a lot easier. We might lose you tomorrow, but you will always be here in our hearts.”

Atem smiled and watched as Joey disappeared back into his room. Hooking his arms under the young dancer’s knees, he stood with her in his arms and walked back to his own, closing the door behind him. He walked to the bed and laid the young woman down, draping his jacket over her. There he took a seat at the small table and continued sorting through his deck.

It wasn’t long before he knew that he wasn’t alone. Atem laid the card down that he was holding and turned towards the young dancer. She was sitting against the wall with her knees to her chest. “So much has happened these four years. We never meant for anything to happen, but it did,” he calmly stated.

Tea lift her head to stare into crimson eyes of the once nameless pharaoh. “I guess I never thought about what would happen once you completed everything. I kept cheering you on, helping you find your name. I never realized how much it was going to hurt when the truth finally came out.”

Atem moved from his seat to sit on the edge of the bed. “Nobody knows what the future holds. Just as a young boy never intended to find a 3000-year-old ancient spirit living inside a mysterious puzzle.”

Tea laughed lightly, and a small smile soon graced her face. “Still, it doesn’t make anything easy, though. There is still a chance of you leaving tomorrow.”

“No,” he gently said. She watched as he crawled on the bed and sat before her. He reached his hand out, cupping the side of her face. “But I wouldn’t change anything about it.” His lips were soon gliding across her own. She gasped softly before embracing the kiss back. He wrapped his arms around the young woman, pulling her flushed against him. Her mouth parting when he nibbled upon the bottom lip. They soon broke, their breathing coming in sharp pants. “No, I don’t regret anything that has happened.”

His mouth was once again tracing her lips before sealing them tightly against his own. He rolled, gently laying the young woman down. His hands traced small patterns upon her bare shoulder. He felt as she tensed and soon relaxed. Her eyes were closed as he dragged warm, wet kisses across her cheeks down to her neck. She sighed against the feeling, wrapping her arms around his body, pulling him closer to her.

Tears burned behind the cobalt eyes of the young dancer. Tea wanted to believe everything he was saying, everything she was feeling. Fear raced through her skin. It worried her about letting go and just feeling. He doesn’t regret, but she feels like he should. He was leaving her when it wasn’t fair to both of them. His lips traced against her cheeks before settling upon her own lips once more.

The young dancer watched as the once nameless pharaoh leaned upon his knees. She watched as he reached for the leather belt upon his neck, undoing the buckle and dropping it upon the ground. He did the same with the remaining metal jewelry before reaching for the metal chain holding the Millennium Puzzle. He pulled it over his head and laid the ancient piece upon the ground. She watched as his crimson eyes turned upon her. It was there that her eyes went wide, stopping all movement from him.

“What’s wrong,” Atem asked softly as he reached forward, tracing a finger upon the side of her face.

Tea shook her head as she leaned back upon her hands. “We can’t do this. This isn’t right,” she replied.

A look of confused danced across the young pharaoh’s face. “Why? What is troubling you?”

“You’re a spirit. It would be wrong… because of… Yugi.” It was a whisper within the silent room, but Atem heard each word. He started chuckling which caused confusion to dance upon the young dancer’s face in return. “Why are you laughing?” She quickly demanded, a bit of anger lacing each word.

“Ishizu spoke to me earlier. I received a special gift.”

“A gift?” Tea moved to sit upon the side of the bed. Atem joined her to the side, leaning upon his hands that were resting upon his legs.

“Yes,” he replied. “Just one and only for a short amount of time. I want to spend that time with you, Tea.”

Tea looked at him with confusion within her eyes. Her eyes still held unshed tears. He knew what she was thinking. Morning wasn’t far. “You still haven’t told me what the gift is,” she replied quietly with a bit of fear etching each word.

Atem raised his hand to cupped the young dancer’s face before placing a chaste kiss upon her lips. He traced her cheek placing small kisses towards her ear, only to stop and whisper. “I am not a spirit sitting next to you. I am Pharaoh Atem with all my memories, and I love you.”

Quickly, Tea stood from the bed and walked backwards, stopping when her back stopped at the door. “What? Where is Yugi?” Her eyes held fear as she glanced from the once nameless pharaoh who was sitting upon the bed and the Millennium Puzzle that laid upon the ground.

Atem chuckled deeply as he dropped his head, his bangs hiding his demonic, blood red eyes. “Yugi is fine, Tea,” he responded. “This is me, all me.”

“This isn’t a trick.” Atem shook his head. “Yugi is really safe.” The young pharaoh nodded before standing, an unusual look within his eyes. “You have all your memories back?”

“Yes. Even without the gift, my memories had already returned. This gift is completely different. Just as in the Memory World, I am whole.”

Tea shook her head as she carefully reached for the door handle. “No. This isn’t fair. I can’t. Not with what will happen.” With that, she quickly yanked the door open and took off running. Atem could only stare unsure what had just happened.

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