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Ishizu’s Gift

Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership to YuGiOh or any of characters from the series. The only idea that I own is the plot.
Warning: This story is rated M/X for explicit adult themes and/or violence.

Emotions can take a toll even on the strongest of people. When given a gift, secrets are revealed. However, time is short. While giving in is the easiest solution, the ending result can be a dagger to the heart. Would it be easier to just move on and forget?

Author’s note: I always thought the boat scene needed a little more especially for Tea and Atem. While this does stretch it a bit with some changes to the actual ending of the series, I wanted to explore the emotions that were running through each individual. I, at first, wanted this to be just a simple one-shot, but as I continued writing it, the more I wanted to pull from it. It will be short, but I do hope you enjoy and will leave a review. Enjoy!

The sway of the ship rocked her back and forth. She went to visit Yugi hoping to speak with him. Seeing the cards laying across the table and the puzzle hanging around the young duelist’s neck, it was too much for the young brunette dancer. She quickly said something almost regretting it before disappearing out the door. Of course, she understood how much this duel meant for both sides. She just didn’t think it was fair especially since everyone was finally getting to know him.

Leaning against the walls of the dark hallway as the boat swayed across the water, Tea allowed the tears that burned behind her cobalt eyes to fall swiftly down her cheek. She leaned her head back once again welcoming the dull ache that followed. When the tears felt dry against her skin and pain within her eyes, she pushed away and began walking back to her room, dragging her hand along the wall.

Tea slammed the door to the small room she was currently inhabiting for this trip. She stomped over to the bed and sat upon the floor, leaning her body against the side of the bed. Bringing her legs to her chest and wrapping her arms around them, she held the tears that burned behind her eyes once more. It wasn’t fair what was going to happen. She knew she wanted to say goodbye to him but couldn’t have the courage to even say exactly what she wanted. Instead, something quick was said so that she could escape the room.

Knock. Knock. Tea lifted her head. She eyed the door cautiously unsure who would be visiting her at this time of night. Knock. Knock. Again, Tea stayed glued to her spot. She wasn’t in any type of mood to talk at the moment. Whoever was at the door must have gotten the hint for she heard the sound of retreating footsteps.

It was hours later when Tea noticed she had fallen asleep against the side of the bed. Her eyes were crusty with the dry tears that never fell. Her face felt tacky and dry. She pushed from the ground and glanced out the small window. By the look of everything, they were still on the water, and it must have been pretty late at night for the moon was high in the sky.

Tea knew she couldn’t stay in the small room anymore. Tears kept trying to build behind her eyes threatening to consume her with emotions she didn’t want to feel. She tried to sleep, but memories of watching him duel, going on the two dates with her especially the one after Battle City, it all surfaced causing her to feel like she was suffocating. She needed to move, do something to occupy her mind.

The cool breeze drifting across from the water below felt good against the young dancer’s face. She leant over the rail and watched as the waves splashed against the side of the ship. The moon was reflecting against the dark waters. A humorless laugh escaped the young woman’s lips. He was a spirit, not long for this world. If he would win the duel in the morning, he would be returning to the After Life where he belonged. She could make the jump so easy, hold her breath, and sink to the bottom. She could join him in the After Life, never being apart.

Tea shook her head. She couldn’t do that to Joey, Tristan, or even Yugi. She needed to be there to support him the most especially with the outcome of the duel. Sure, it would hurt, but she was human, and humans had emotions that sometimes crippled a person. Right now, those emotions were destroying her, causing tears to burn behind her eyes. She didn’t like the thought of saying goodbye especially when she loved him.

Tea gasped. When did that realization finally sink in? She laughed lightly. She knew when. He saved her almost four years ago. She didn’t know who he was. At first, she thought it was Yugi that rescued her, but the voice was so unlike Yugi. Plus, she knew Yugi wasn’t that confident in everything he did. This person sounded strong and confident. It wasn’t till the Shadow Games on Duelist Kingdom that she knew who that person was.

Maybe she shouldn’t have grew interested in learning about him. Maybe she should have said no multiple times to Yugi, but she didn’t. She got to know him more and more. Her feelings for him grew over time, and before she even realized it, her love for him was so strong that it gripped her so tight with a pain that she wasn’t sure she could recover from.

Tears began to burn behind the young woman’s eyes as she dropped down to her knees with her hand still clinging to the rail of the ship. Tea had her chance to say goodbye, but it wasn’t that. She wanted more time with him. She wanted to tell him that she loved him. It just wasn’t fair.

“Tea.” The brunette dancer clinched her eyes as his smooth voice drifted to hers. She heard the clinking sound of his boots as he approached her, dropping to one knee. His long fingers, cool to the touch, cupped her face so gently. He used his thumb to wipe the dry tears away as he brought her face up to his. She clinched her eyes even tighter, trying to avoid the look he was holding. “You came by Yugi’s room earlier. Both of us could sense it, the pain you were trying so much to hide.”

The young woman shook her head, “It was nothing. I came to tell Yugi about the plans in the morning.”

“No,” he said gently, taking her hand and pulling her to a standing position. “That was a cover-up. You were really there to see me.”

Tea shook her head once more and turned, breaking the connection he had by holding her hand. “It’s best if you ignore it. You need to concentrate on what tomorrow brings.”

The once nameless pharaoh took a step forward before grasping the arms of the young dancer. “How can I concentrate on that when a friend I care deeply about is hurting so much?”

“A friend, huh?” Her voice sounded like an echo as she pushed away, wrapping her arms around her body. “A friend is probably the best, too. No attachments, no emotions to hold on to, just plain friendship.”

Atem walked around the young woman and placed his hands upon her shoulders. “I don’t believe the feelings you hold are ones of just friendship.”

Tea pushed hard against the young pharaoh, knocking him back a few steps. “You have no idea what you are talking about,” she stated quickly.

“But I do.” He tried approaching her once more, but the young dancer just shook her head. He watched as she continued walking away. She held her head down as her hands stayed wrapped around her body.

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