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YuGiOh Fanfiction

Every Rose Has Its Thorn • Battle City gave the pharaoh and a young dancer time to think. With their second date after the tournament, things take a change. Danger soon enters the picture, though. This time with a strange card that is capturing souls. Come join a retelling of the Doma Saga but with a small twist.
YuGiOh • Rated M • Chapters 1 • Incomplete • Angst/Drama

Ishizu’s Gift • Emotions can take a toll even on the strongest of people. When given a gift, secrets are revealed. However, time is short. While giving in is the easiest solution, the ending result can be a dagger to the heart. Would it be easier to just move on and forget?
YuGiOh • Rated M • Chapters 8 • Complete • Angst/Drama

Written within the pages • A Collection of oneshot.
YuGiOh • Rated M • Chapters X • Incomplete • Angst/Drama

Isolation • One storm, two people, a completely different effect. Will the answer remain isolated or will the truth emerge?
YuGiOh • Rated M • Chapters 8 • Complete • Angst/Drama