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Transformer Fanfiction

Spark to Heart • Just a collection of oneshots dedicated to random Original characters and pairing them with a certain Autobot commander.
Optimus Prime/OC • Rated M • Oneshots • Incomplete • Adventure/Drama/Romance/Angst/Drama

Rose Petals • A collection of oneshots that feature the reader pariing with a certain commander.
Optimus Prime/You • Rated M • Oneshots • Incomplete • Adventure/Romance/Angst/Drama

The Riddle’s Price • A power once sealed within flesh and blood. A metallic world seeking life restored. Two leaders, one woman, their pasts unite. Destiny becomes complicated because of one word: attachment. One riddle with one solution, but at what price? (AU Post-TLK)
Optimus Prime, OC, Megatron • Rated M • Chapters 22 • Archived • Suspence/Fantasy