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InuYasha Fanfiction

Leave a Scar • With her powers sealed and many youkai knowing the strength she possess, Kagome becomes a target which puts InuYasha in predicament on what to do especially when one action breaks him free.
InuYasha • Rated M • Chapters 1 • Incomplete • Angst/Drama

Shades of Grey • She almost made a costly mistake, one that will take time and trust to repair.
InuYasha • Rated M • Chapters 2 • Incomplete • Angst/Drama

To Cherish and Protect • A battle during the new moon causes a certain event to happen. He does it to protect her, but she sees the result completely different. Can a relationship be saved that was fragile in the first place? I/K
InuYasha • Rated M • Chapters 10 • Complete • Angst/Romance

Choices • The jewel is whole. Naraku is defeated. Kagome has one choice on her hand. To stay with Inuyasha or to head home. However, as she tries to figure this problem out, another problem has entered.
InuYasha • Rated M • Chapters 29 • Archived • Romance/Angst

One Request • Kagome asks Inuyasha for one request before she finally leaves. He gives her the one request she asks. However, it seems that fate was playing against the hanyou in this one event.
InuYasha • Rated M • Chapters 15 • Archived • Angst/Romance

One Cure • There was treatment, she knew this much. It would prolong her life, but it would not cure her. What happens, though, when a cure is found, when the choice of living or dying is given to her? Will she take life even if she knows the stakes?
InuYasha • Rated M • Chapters 6 • Archived • Angst/Drama