Expression (in writing)

Demon & Glass Blade Merge – 001

Individuals were mingling around in different directions either by dancing or sitting, drinking, and enjoying a conversation. The club was busy as normal at this time of night. Since the midnight clubs began appearing through the last tier of the city, most of the residents have found that they could escape the dangers that surround the city from sunset to sunrise.

A young man with dirty blonde hair and striking blue eyes sat towards the back, within one of the round booths, a drink already within his hand. He has been coming to this particular midnight club for quite some time. Staring out, he watched one bar that he had in mind. It was ironic that the one person he was wanting to avoid was the exact person he had to protect. Ashton chuckled as he took a drink of the amber liquid, stirring the ice around within the glass. Memories of what he learned and when he met the young brunette bartender swam through his mind.

Ashton was enjoying the downtime he currently had knowing that Kira would need him sooner or later. Her search was still continuing. While she had some information, she wasn’t quite confident that it was enough. A young woman was attending the customers at the bar, laughing when one of the men told something funny. He caught her eye here and there, raising his glass and smiling. He could see the light blush that dust across her cheeks as she would turn away to help another customer. Placing his glass down upon the table, he moved around the booth to stand. Slowly, he approached her, his smile never leaving. She had her back towards him when he arrived at the bar and took a seat.  He tried his normal ways of flirting by asking her simple questions and starting small conversations, but she was smart. She knew how to avoid any attraction any man would throw at her each night.

A young waitress stopped at his booth. “Need a refill,” she asked. Ashton glanced towards her snapping from his memories. Her hands were upon her hip as she held a tray against her side. With a quick nod, she took his glass up to the bar.

Kate wasn’t at the bar. A young man was attending to the customers now. He refilled Ashton’s glass, and Ashton watched as the waitress brought his drink back. That night when he first met Kate, she also did the same thing, disappearing somewhere within the club. It didn’t take long for Ashton to find her, though. After he finished his drink at the bar, he walked around to see the young woman leaning against the wall within one of the small, dark hallways.

At first, Kate didn’t want anything to do with Ashton. She was leaning back against the wall with her eyes closed, an arm laying over her head. He chuckled, disturbing what small silence the young woman had. She threw him a look that he was familiar with that almost all women usually gave him. Most of the time, he wouldn’t be bothered by it, but something about Kate that night kept him near.

Surprising enough, Kate was relevantly easy to talk to. They would start with small conversations each night he would visit the club. She would have a bright smile upon her face and made sure that one spot at the bar was always reserved for him. When she had her break, they would sit together and talk some more. Ashton never told her anything about himself. That was probably the downfall to the beginning of their relationship.

About three months into their relationship, Ashton was receiving new orders from Kira. Of course, Kate wasn’t too happy about this. The orders were taking him away from the city. He never told her about his job, and the secrets were destroying her. On the last night before he was leaving town, he stopped to see her. She didn’t have her warm smile but a cold glare instead. He waited for her to disappear behind the bar before approaching her. Kate didn’t allow Ashton to get one word out. She quickly slapped him across the face and walked away, disappearing into the crowd of the club.

Ashton sighed deeply before draining the last of his drink. Kira was looking for a book that contain information regarding the strange events that were happening within the city. She succeeded, but the results he learned from her, that changed everything.

Within an old library down in dark parts of the basement where cobwebs stuck to every corner and the iridescent bulbs flickered, an old brown leather book was hidden well within a dark, dusty corner. This book has seen better days with unraveling edges, deep scratches upon the leather cover, and yellow worn-down pages. However, even with how old this book is, to a few this book is priceless. The information it contains goes back when the battles between the dark and light took place. Few have seldom memories only being told about what happened. Kira was one said person. She was referred to as ancient, immortal. It didn’t matter what she was, but the knowledge that she knew.

Ashton moved from his seat and walked over to the door. He took one last look at the bar, towards the young woman mixing one drink and laughing at some random joke. All because of what Kira found, he was forced to only watch from a distance. The conversation he hand with the elder woman still made him burn with rage. It was just the other day that he learned the truth regarding the information Kira was looking for.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” asked Ashton as he emerged from behind one of the many bookcases. The limited amount of light within the library’s basement cloaked most of his body in shadows allowing only his blue eyes to shine through the darkness.

The woman nodded as she glanced down at the two pages within the book. “The information is all here regarding it,” she replied softly. The book was sitting upon a dusty table parted to an old, frayed ribbon that sat within two pages. Located on one page was writing of a riddle while the opposite page had two crystals, one of purity and one shrouded in darkness, crossing at the top. Center in the middle of the two crystals stood a single sword that appeared to be made of glass with the word “Illuminate” written below. The woman knew what it meant, the history regarding these two crystals and that one sword.

“What do we do now?”

She shrugged, “There isn’t much to be done. I believe time will tell us the answer.”

“Time,” he asked with a bit of curiosity lining the word. “How can time be the solution?”

The woman traced her hand over the sword within the picture. “We know he exists, but does he know that the power exists?” The young man shook his head. “No? Are you sure?” She laughed lightly before closing the book. “Hell, I don’t even know if the power truly exists.”

“Kira, you have done all the research to find this damn book, and you have no idea if the power even exists? Just fucking great!” He slammed his hand against one of the bookcases causing dust to fall.

Turning away, Kira placed the book back on the shelf. “Ashton, I never said that. There have been rumors spoken within the coven regarding the power. I wasn’t sure if I should believe them or not.”

Ashton crossed his arms before leaning against one of the bookshelves, one leg tucked behind the other. “What rumors?” He asked with a little a bite in his voice.

A sigh escaped the woman’s lips as she pulled a chair out from one of the tables and sat down. “The power was supposed to be sealed within the sword, at least that is what my research has told me. However, another bit of research, one that I have not told anyone till now, lead me to learn something completely different.”

Ashton moved from the bookshelf to lean over the table. “Different? This power was supposed to be the absolute power to destroy him. It’s a fucking sword. We just need to find the location of it and use it on him.”

“Sounds easy enough, right?” Kira laughed lightly before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a black and white photo. The photo was of a young woman holding a notebook to her chest. She had shoulder-length hair that fell in waves. She was a beautiful woman. “What if I told you that the power was actually given life?”

Ashton shook his head as he glanced down at the photo. He knew the woman in the photo. There was a history between them, one that he was hoping to forget. “No,” he whispered, groaning deeply. “Please, tell me you got it wrong.”

Kira sighed as she put the photo away. “I wish I was.” The woman pulled out a few sheets of paper covered in writing.  “This other research that I found stated that the power that contains the sword is actually called Navian. It is a rare and powerful magic that is deadly to one person’s touch but also when used as a weapon. I discovered that it was sealed away long ago. However, now I don’t believe that was true. What if it wasn’t?” She shook her head as she brought the photo out once more.  “I could sense strong magic radiating from this young woman when I stumbled upon her that one day. She must have no idea.”

“But, what about the sword, Kira? The book shows you the location of the sword.” He raked his hand through his blondish-brown hair as he stared at the woman sitting in front of him.

“Ashton, she is the sword. Navian is the magic that calls upon the sword. It is her very soul. Don’t you get it? Navian was given life to hide the sword. It is no longer hidden within the crystals. It is hidden within her.”

“Damn it,” he cursed. “What about him?” ground out Ashton as he clamped his hands into tight fists. “Does he know?”

Kira shook her head. “I don’t believe so. She lives in the very heart of the city he controls. If he knew, I think he would have found her already.”

“We need to find her then. Protect her at all cost. The clove has powers. I am sure they can do something so that she is not found by him.”

Kira shook her head once more. “Finding her will only draw attention. I want her to be safe, but I also don’t want him to know. The clove wouldn’t protect her, anyways. They would figure how to use the power. I cannot risk that.” She sighed deeply as she sat back in the chair. “No, the best option is to protect her by keeping our distance.”

Ashton allowed the door to close behind him as he tucked his hands into his pocket. He would listen to Kira and keep at distance, but if anything should cause harm, he would step in an instance to protect her. He had friends that would make sure nothing happened to her. They knew what was happening within the city. Ashton just didn’t understand why Kira didn’t trust them when that was their sole job.

Kate picked up the bottle and quickly filled the glass with ice and some of the liquor before sliding it down the bar to one of the customers. It was like this every night. People would file in, ask for a drink, and then wind down from a chaotic day, hoping to avoid the Warlord and the dark creatures that paraded through the city.

Kate remembered when she learned about the history of the city on why it was built on tiers unlike the other villages and cities throughout the world. It began almost a hundred years ago when the Warlord invaded. No one was sure why he was here and even trying to befriend. When the creatures started killing, he became enemy number one. However, there was no success on pushing him out. Instead, he raised the city, towering above it on the top level. Rumors were heard that he was looking for something. No one was sure of what and were afraid to learn exactly what that something might be.

Kate didn’t have the time or luxury to relax like most of the people. She was a young twenty-three-year-old woman within her second year of University. She was working almost every night at the club, trying to save money so she could eventually move out. Kate was currently living with her aunt. Her aunt is her mother’s sister. She has been living with her since she was ten years old. One day, her mother disappeared completely. Kate woke to find her room empty. Every time she tried to ask her aunt what happen, she changes the subject or says something pretty rude. With her aunt not liking her too much, Kate tries her hardest to ignore everything at home by focusing on her studies and keeping herself busy with work.

“I need a break,” called out Kate towards one her co-workers. A young gentleman with an apron wrapped around walked over taking her place behind the bar. She removed her apron and walked out of the bar to lean against the cool bricks of the old building.

Ashton flipped his phone closed and tucked into the pocket of his jacket. He was just across the street from the bar when Malorie called him asking what he was doing. He didn’t have the heart to explain that he was watching Kate once more. Ashton sighed as he glanced over at old brick building. He watched carefully as Kate walked outside and down the side alley to stop and rest against.

She wasn’t alone, though. Ashton’s eyes widen as he watched two huge men approach her, forcing her backwards into the alley. Because of Ashton’s training, he knew exactly who or what those men were. Quicky, he pulled his dagger from the sheath that was hidden within his boot and ran across the street. Kate was upon the ground, trembling with fear. He ran quickly, dashing towards a box and jumping from it. He plunged the dagger into the back of one of the brutes watching as it disappeared into a cloud of black ash. The other brute turned towards him. Ashton kicked out forcing the brute to trip and fall. Ashton quickly pulled his blade over his shoulder and straight into the chest of the brute. Once more, it disappeared into a cloud of dark ash.

Ashton slid the blade against his arm before placing it back into the sheath. He turned to look at Kate. She was still sitting upon the ground, her knees pulled to her chest. He dropped down to one knee and reached out.

“Don’t touch me,” she yelled before standing and running off. Ashton could only watch as she disappeared. Keeping his distance was to protect her. Hah. Kira lost that battle. Creatures were now after her. It would only be time before the Warlord himself was after her.