Expression (in writing)

Of Blood and Metal

Disclaimer: I don’t claim any ownership to the Transformers. I do own the OCs mentioned throughout along with their abilities.
Warning: This story is rated M for mention of violence, sexual content, language, and anything related to my OCs.

Her powers forced her to run. Her destiny is ordained, but one encounter with a certain commander forces her to reconsider everything she knows about herself. Can this one commander help her change the hand of destiny: her own death?

Cobwebs littered most of room as time seemed to be the greatest enemy. Wood creaked when a subtle breeze blew through the room from holes in the concrete walls. Majority of the shelves were rotten and splintering apart forcing most of them to collapse upon the ground. Books once full of knowledge and in-depth stories were moth eaten or stained to the point of unrecognizable with unknown substances.

Kira carefully stepped over a fallen beam. The small lamp in her wrinkled hand casted an eerie yellow glow around the room. This basement was the remaining structure of a tall library. Time had forced it to collapse. This elder woman wasn’t took concern about the history of the building but what it contains.

Traveling for so many distances across the large expansion of the continent, Kira stopped in Washington DC hoping to find the book within one of the major libraries that held a collection of almost every topic possible. No such luck. She was forced to leave and continue on her search. It was by a far slice of miracle outside a small town in Nevada that a clue gave her the location.

Kira stopped to lean against one of the fallen bookshelves. She laughed lightly. Kira knew the history regarding this book. She was after all part of the ritual that saved everyone from absolute darkness, so why was this book so important? Well, just because she was part of the ritual didn’t mean she knew exactly what the object was needed for. This book did, however.

Setting the lamp on the only remaining table, Kira stepped towards a hole in the concrete. The book sat towards the back. Dust and cobwebs covered most of the entrance. This book has seen better days with unraveling edges, deep scratches upon the leather cover, and yellow worn-down pages. A frayed ribbon poked out of the book, its color almost complete dull.

Kira pulled the book out, coughing from the dust storm she had caused. She blew against its stained cover forcing more dust to fly into the air. Setting it upon the table near the small light, she flipped the book to the location of the ribbon.

Written words were situated upon one page while two crystals crossing at the top appeared on the other page. Dark reddish mechanical eyes were behind the crystals along with a strange sphere surrounded in metal. None of that mattered, though. It was what sat in the middle of the crystals: a blade with a twisted handle that seemed to be etched completely out of glass. The word Illuminate written below the blade.

Kira pulled the dust, covered stool out from under the table. She sat upon it and dipped her hand into her pocket. Two papers and a photograph were sat beside the book. Kira side glanced over her shoulder as noises echoed down the rotten stairs.

A young man who looked to be in his upper twenties stopped behind the elder woman. His dirty blond hair danced against the light breeze. His blue eyes trailed over the room as he crossed his arms. Dressed in a maroon long sleeve shirt and dark brown cargo pants, his pockets contained many tools for his job.

“I see you found the location,” spoke the elder woman. The young man nodded and approached the table.

Levi leaned against his fists. The wood creaking against the weight. “Did you find the book?” Kira nodded. “Does it contain everything we need to know?”

Kira slid a black and white photo towards him. His blue eyes narrowed as he stared at the young woman upon it. The young woman was holding a notebook to her chest. She had shoulder-length hair that fell in waves. She was a beautiful woman.

“Kate,” he whispered with a harsh scared tone. “Does she know?”

Kira shook her head. “I forced her to run when I felt the darkness creeping closer once more. I do not know where she is now.” It was a solemn respond as Kira picked up the photo.

Levi stepped back and brought his hand to his mouth. All their research and traveling to find this book. It all pointed to what both Kira and Levi wanted to deny.

“Are you sure she is the one?” Levi looked back at the photo. He knew much about the young woman. They had a history, one that he didn’t want to forget so easily.

“I am sure.” Kira lifted a paper. It held a drawing of a five-pointed star along with a rough drawing of a sword. Words were etched in the corner, a ritual of some sort. “I was there to perform the ritual. I saw how the blade disappeared and a baby rested in its place. I raised her as my own daughter before I eventually had to force her to run.”

“Fuck, Kira,” cursed Levi as he turned towards the concrete wall. He raised his hand, forming it into a fist, and slammed it against the rough texture. Dirt stirred underneath as coated his hair and clothing.

“Before she was forced to run, I explained everything. She knows her destiny. It is only a matter of time before she finally commits it.”

“That is suicide,” yelled Levi as he turned upon the young woman. “You raised her only for her to die?”

Kira slammed her hands upon the table. It creaked against the force. “Levi, she is Illuminate with Navian running through her, the very magic we sealed away hundreds of years ago. It is the only option we have. We cannot allow Navian and Unicron to find each other. She has to destroy it once and for all.”

“Does she know that is her destiny, though?” Kira glanced at the photo far longer than what was needed. “She doesn’t. She only knows that her magic can destroy, not that she has to kill herself for it to work.”

Kira dropped the photo back on the table. “She knows that it is a suicide mission. What she doesn’t know is the reason. I told her about the sword and how it is her soul. I never explained how she has to use it, though. I didn’t know until now.” Kira pulled the book to the side. She pointed to the writing on the opposite page:

Two crystals shining so bright

Up a spiral stair behind such a door

Straight to a sword ever such more

Pulling a blade fashioned by glass

Pure of purpose, free of fear

Voluntary through one’s choice near

Levi read the writing. His eyes narrowing before widening. “It’s a riddle. Do you understand what it says?” Kira shook her head. “We need to figure it out. It might not be a suicide mission after all.”

Kira closed the book and placed the papers back into her pocket. “No. Navian has to be destroyed, and the only way is by destroying Unicron along with it. No, the riddle actually explains how to use the blade.” Kira stood from the stool and turned to face Levi with a serious look upon her face. “It is only a matter of time before she realizes exactly what she needs to do.”

Mission City was a disaster. Buildings were in shambles as glass and broken concrete littered the streets. Flames flickered against hollow vehicles. Voices of people screaming echoed down each street. A young woman dressed completely in black with a cape hiding her features pressed against the bricks of building.

Kate was running once more. The nightmares woke her signally that she couldn’t remain, that she was no longer safe. Glancing around the corner, she watched as men and women ran. It was a warzone as blasts were heard in the distance followed by the echo of an earthquake.

Kate doesn’t know why. She should be following the other humans, trying to make her escape. Something, though, pulled her towards the center. It was strange sensation. It called deep within her skin along the pulsing power that raced through her body and formed her blood. Kate looked up as three jets flew across the sky. Each step took her closer to the center of the city.

Stopping at the far end of the street, the young woman eyes trailed down the destruction. A crater with a destroyed pipe dripping water broke most of the road apart. Three towering metal giants stood behind humans dressed in military gear holding weapons. Another metal giant laid upon the ground while the tallest of all stood with his servos clenched around something.

It was whatever that giant was holding that pulled Kate near the center. Her eyes trailed to the metal creature laying upon the ground. It was similar to her nightmare: sharp talon like claws, dark gun-metal color. She couldn’t see the color of its eyes, but something inside her told her those eyes were a deep blood red, that he was the creature from her nightmare.

Glass cracking beneath her feet forcing the red and blue giant to turn towards her. Kate gasped. It was the color of eyes from her nightmare. These eyes, though, were warm and made her feel safe. She wasn’t sure why, though. These giants looked like huge machines, almost like they were moving robots.

The red and blue robot approached her. His optics narrowed before he fell to one knee before Kate. Kate trailed her eyes from his own to the clench servo. He followed her path before slowly opening it. Kate gasped. The power that continued to call her. It was in the shape of a jagged shard. The object was completely metal with strange symbols etched across it.

Kate slowly approached, her hand reaching towards it. The red and blue robot watched her carefully. His optics widen upon noticing her left arm as she reached towards the shard. Blue blood began to bubble against her wrist. Her breathing became labored. She was only a digit length away from his servo before her body collapsed. Her knees gave out before her body fell forward; a minimal amount of the blue blood leaked into a small puddle near her left wrist.

Over millions of years ago, magic existed in two forms:  one as a strong hope of light while the other as absolute darkness. Each form was trapped within a crystal. These powers disappeared without a sight, but that was hardly the truth. Harnessed within the hands of two beings forever at war, a planet of metallic ore caught between them. A millennium of war separated and hid the powers before tossing the world into lifeless destruction and releasing it once more.

This was the history of Cybertron and of its destruction. Born at the hand of Primus, lifeless beneath the grip of the Chaos Bringer, Unicron. He knew this, for he was at the center. He was Primus. He watched as a world was destroyed by the power that once remain hidden.

Together as one form, the two crystals created a dangerous magic. A power that could corrupt the strongest light; overpower the depths of darkness. Using the only ability that Primus had remaining, he casted the remaining hope for all Cybertronians into the vast darkness along with a single blade containing its power.

The AllSpark traveled with Illuminate close by. The crystals protected the power while the AllSpark guided it. Eventually, both were force to separate and land in different directions on the planet called Earth. Primus watched as humans with similar abilities to the crystals reacted to Illuminate. He knew that Navian would never be released, or at least he believed that was the case.

Unicron had disappeared, leaving no trace of the Chaos Bringer. However, even Primus knew that wasn’t true. Unicron was waiting. He was waiting for when Illuminate will be finally released and the magic of Navian expanded through the world and the vast universe.

It was a ritual, though, planned when another darkness began to chase after its power. A five-pointed star surrounded the crystals and the sword. Words were spoken and the blade soon disappeared. Laying within its spot was a human baby girl. Her body was Illuminate while her blood was the power of Navian. This was the result. A human would protect the power and prevent Unicron from ever finding it.