Imagine in Words


My name is Amber, but online I am know as Medli. I was born on August 3rd 1983. I am hoping one day to have my first book finished and finally published.

Writing has been a hobby for me since I moved from my old town. That is when writing became something. I was watching anime and wanted to try different things with my webdesigning. As I was looking around, I noticed certain writing sites. That is where my writing started to progress.

As I was in High School, I would always have a notebook with me. In that notebook, I would write down short stories or ideas. I never really consider them as something I could do as a career. That changed when I went to college. Writing was something I could do. I could actually place my ideas of fantasy worlds and characters into my own places. I am still working to the goal of finishing a novel, but for now I have my fanfiction and some of pieces that I did complete.