Imagine in Words


Imagine in Words is my place on the web where I can show off my writing. Ever since I was a junior in high school, I always enjoyed writing a story with a setting of my own choice. Fanfiction began it all after I watched and read the first Harry Potter Book/Movie. I always carried this one notebook that would contain all my writing. It was my escape. I never knew I could turn it into a career till I attended college. My goal is to finish one of my novels, but my plots keep changing. Eventually, I would like to see one published.

This site is heavily rated PG due to what ratings I write in. I don’t just write children stories but a range of different types. Below is the rating guidelines I use for my writing:

  1. Rated G: Safe for everyone. No bad language, violence, sexual content, eta.
  2. Rated PG: Safe for most people. Contains some bad language and mild violence. If any sexual content is listed, it fades to black.

This is the third layout for this site. I have recently had a fascination with the space and stars and I wanted a layout that was simple and easy to use. This was the result. I coded everything through Notepad++. If you have any questions, would like to be an editor or beta reader to any of my stories, etc, you can contact me at

If you would like to link back to my site, please link to Thank you!