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Welcome to Imagine in Words, my corner of the web where I bring what I enjoy the most: writing. For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed the fictional worlds starting with fantasy. I never thought about putting my ideas to paper and seeing where it could take me. However, one day, I sat down after watching a certain anime and let my imagination take control.

Fanfiction was the start of it all. My domain, my fandoms, everything on the web. However, fanfiction wasn’t the only start to my web designing aspect, but also to my love of books and writing. Soon, I was writing my own stories and graduating from college with an English degree with the emphasis in creative writing. I am not published yet, but I hope one day to see my writing out for everyone. For now, some of my stories will be here.

There is a brief warning with these stories. This site is rated PG for most of the writing within this site are not just innocent children stories. There will be ratings posted with each story along with a summary about each of the stories. Please stay away if you fall within the younger bracket. Check my about the site page to learn about the ratings.

For each story, I have this small discloser. I am not the owner of any of the series mention in the fanfictions. I am just a fan of the series and write about them. The original stories and poems are mine, however. There should be no coping, stealing, or anything of the sort. If you read the high rated stories, that is your problem and not mine. Do not send me an email regarding a problem related to them.

I hope you enjoy your time visitng, and reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Everything was last updated on April 6, 2023.

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